About Our Core Brand 'TOMAS'

Based on a "one teacher to one student" approach, TOMAS classes foster individuality while enabling students to pass entrance exams for the most demanding of schools

What is the "ideal education environment" for children growing up in an increasingly complex society? Studying is important, of course, but we must also provide children with an environment in which they can express their individuality in the fields where they excel, such as music, art, or sports.

To achieve this ideal, TOMAS, operated by Riso Kyoiku Co., Ltd., offers only "personal study classes," with one student and one teacher to each classroom.

This one-on-one instruction, in keeping with a personalized curriculum designed to meet the needs of each individual student, enables efficient studies that ensure the best possible results for each child.

While other Jukus may take a "cram school" approach, pressing students to focus only on entrance exams, TOMAS strives to offer an educational environment that enables students to pass entrance exams for the most demanding schools, while maintaining a healthy balance between studies and non-academic activities.

TOMAS's larning style

Using an exclusively "one teacher to one student" approach, TOMAS provides students with the skills required to pass entrance exams for the most demanding of schools, based on know-how in private instruction not found at other Juku schools.

All rooms with whiteboards; all private instruction

Students have their very own classes in a private classroom with a whiteboard, so they don't have to worry about other students. They can ask questions about anything they don't understand, and the teacher takes as much time as necessary to see that the question is resolved.

Personalized curriculum

An effective curriculum is essential to ensuring that students achieve their goals. At TOMAS, a unique and personalized curriculum is created in keeping with the student’s academic level and the requirements of the school that the student wants to attend.

Specialized instruction in each subject

TOMAS attracts the best instructors by offering the top benefits in the Juku industry. Each subject is taught exclusively by instructors specializing in that field who possess a thorough knowledge of entrance exam requirements in that subject.

Academic management system

Full-time managers rigorously manage classes and hold regular meetings with students, both alone and with the parents. This three-way collaboration - by the student, the school, and the family - makes it possible to quickly identify and resolve any issues that might arise.

Free choice of instructors

A student's affinity for his or her teacher is an important issue. At TOMAS, parents and students can select the most appropriate teacher, based on preferences such as gender or teaching style (e.g., strict vs. friendly). Teachers can also be reassigned if necessary.

Dual support system to ensure success

In addition to its exclusively private instruction, TOMAS uses three proven support systems to ensure that students are successful in passing entrance exams for the most demanding schools.

Group instruction

Group instruction, including a single-day, 12-hour "entrance exam training camp" and special courses where the curriculum is based on a thorough analysis of questions appearing on the most difficult entrance exams, help to increase motivation and competitive spirit and to improve the students’ abilities.

Guidance in the selection of academic paths

TOMAS hosts numerous events to help students decide which school to choose, and to let them know what to expect in the entrance examinations. These include gatherings to report on the latest analyses of exams with presentations by presidents and principals from prominent educational institutions, and gatherings where representatives of as many as 300 well-known schools (e.g., Waseda Junior High and High School) come together to offer individual consultations with students wishing to attend those schools.