Social Contributions

The Riso Kyoiku Group supports artistic, cultual, and sports activities, as well as social contribution activities.

The starting point of education is cultivating strength through a balance of knowledge, wisdom, and physical health. It is important to nurture not only academic abilities, but also rich individuality and skills through sports and other types of lessons.

In addition to promoting richer academic abilities through personalized instruction, the Riso Kyoiku Group conducts a wide range of artistic, cultural, and sports activities, as well as social contribution activities, which encourage individuality and confidence in children.

Arts and culture

1999-Host of the classical music "TOMAS Concert"; Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra Arts and culture
2005Hosted a Christmas performance by the Matsuyama Ballet (with "prioritized support" from the Agency for Cultural Affairs)
2006Hosted a concert by the Vienna Boys' Choir
2006Sponsored "Princess Knight: The Musical"
2006-Official sponsor of KidZania (a children's "Edutainment Town" in Tokyo)
2007Hosted a performance by the Leningrad State Ballet
2007Hosted the "Disney On Ice: Disney All-star Parade" Riso Kyoiku Group private performance
2007Provided special assistance in the "Writing Expression Contest" supported by the Louvre Museum and others
2007Hosted a Christmas performance by the Tani Momoko Ballet
2008-Official sponsor of the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan)
2008Hosted a musical program for kids "Carnegie Kids at Suntory Hall"
2008Hosted a performance by the Vaganova Ballet Academy
2008Hosted a Christmas performance by the Star Dancers Ballet
2009Hosted a Charity performance by the Inoue Ballet
2009Hosted a Christmas Charity performance by the NBA Ballet
2010Hosted a Musical Program "Peter Pan"
2010Hosted a Christmas Charity performance by The Inoue Ballet
2010Sponsored "Special Exhibition about Leonardo da Vinci"
2011Hosted a kids opera program "Parsifal and Magic Holy Grail in New National Theatre"
2011Hosted a Christmas charity ballet performance by Miyako Yoshida and Tani Momoko Ballet
2012Sponsor of shogi tournament for elementary and junior high school students (TOMAS CUP)
2012Hosted a musical program "Momojiro's Adventure" by the Shiki Theatre Company
2012Hosted a Christmas charity ballet performance by the Tokyo Ballet
2013Hosted a summer break charity ballet performance by the Inoue Ballet
2013-Hosted a Christmas charity ballet performance by the NBA Ballet Company


2004-Official sponsor of the "Tokyo Verdy 1969" Sports
2005-Official club sponsor of the "Yokohama FC"
2005-Sponsor of the Tokyo Football Association, youth league supporter of the " Tokyo Youth Soccer Tournament"
2006-Sponsor of Little League Japan Supporter of the "<TOMAS CUP> Senior League Kanto League Summer Tournament"
2007-Club sponsor of the "FC Tokyo"
2008-Sponsor of the All Japan Junior Tennis Tour Championship (TOMAS CUP)
2008-Sponsor of a mini-basketball tournament in the special wards of Tokyo (TOMAS CUP)
2009-Sponsor of the Fujisankei junior golf tournament (TOMAS CUP)
2009-Organizer of a special "TOMAS DAY" game of the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters professional baseball team
2010-Sponsor of a mini-basketball tournament in Kanagawa Prefecture
2011-Sponsor of the "Tokyo Marathon Family Run 2011"
2012-Sponsor of a mini-basketball tournament in Kanagawa, Saitama, and Chiba Prefectures and the finals in the Tokyo (TOMAS CUP)

Social Contributions

1999Supporting the activities of "Make-A-Wish of Japan," a non-profit organization that helps to realize the dreams of sick children Social Contributions
2005Sponsored "Dialog in the Dark 2005," a workshop supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
2005-Participating in crime prevention activities in areas surrounding TOMAS schools
2006-Official sponsor of “KidZania Tokyo,” an occupational and social experience-based facility for children
2007Participating in the "Children's 110" program to ensure the safety of children in collaboration with local police
2008Supporting the activities of "WFP's school feeding program" as a counselor of the Japan Association for the United Nations WFP
2008Supporting the activities of "Doctor-Heli (Japanese medical helicopter systems)" as a supporting member of a non-profit organization "HEM-Net:Emergency Medical Network of Helicopter and Hospital"
2011-Conducting support activities and fund-raising for victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake
2013Supported the activities of the NPO "Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders"